For most owners considering selling their home, price is the first thing that comes to mind. Getting the highest price for your home is important, and we'll discuss how to maximize the value of your home. There are also many other important factors.​

Many sellers in Silicon Valley are selling to move into a larger home. Some sellers are moving for a new job or change of location. Others are retiring and want to downsize. Some owners are investors who plan to invest elsewhere.​

Knowing what your home is worth

Knowing what you home is worth may help you decide whether or not to sell. The value of a residential home is based upon the three most similar homes that have recently sold.

For a condominium community, where floor plans may be the same, it's easy to get a rough idea of value. Keep in mind that even within condominiums of the same floor plans, there are some differences in value based on the floor the condo is on, the view, how much sun the home receives, and other differences like parking spaces and storage.

Determining the value of a single family (detached) home can be more challenging. Many homes are unique based upon when they were built and their amenities. A real estate appraiser is an expert who determines values of homes. An appraiser will look at houses that recently sold and then add or subtract value based upon features like square footage, hardwood floors, updated appliances, remodeling, and other features. Contact Golden Realty for a more precise estimate of the value of your home.

Preparing your home for sale

Selling a home is a lot like a job interview. We've got one chance to make a first impression, and we want buyers to love your home! Here are things we frequently recommend to increase the value of a home:

  • New Carpet
  • Fresh Paint
  • Removing furniture to open up a room
  • Putting away tabletop items
  • Opening blinds and curtains
  • Window cleaning
  • Adding accents like candles, throw pillows, and area rugs
  • Poviding air fresheners or adding scented soaps or potpourri
  • Planting flowers

To stage or not to stage, that is the question

Staging can be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase the value of your home. Many buyers cannot imagine how an empty home would look if it were decorated and furnished. Inviting them into your well-appointed, beautifully furnished home will leave a great first impression.

Staging companies have an eye for design. They know the best type of furniture to use in each room. They choose color themes and accents to make your home inviting, charming, and in some cases bold.

Deciding whether or not to stage a home is an important decision in preparing a home for sale. If you already shows beautifully, staging isn't needed. If your property is a rental with a tenant living there, it may not be possible to stage. However if a home is vacant, staging almost always increases the price a home will receive on the market.

Negotiation, an art and a science

Golden Realty Agents are attune to the areas where they sell, and they have a sense of the range they can get for your home in your location.

Pricing a home is important to getting you top dollar value:

  • A home that is greatly overpriced won't recieve showings or offers.
  • A home that is greatly overpriced will recieve showings but few if any offers.
  • A home that is correctly priced will recieve both showings or offers.
  • A home that is greatly underpriced will recieve many showings and many below-market offers.

We'll work with you to correctly price your home and receive top price.